Creationism and Evolutionism (Darwin and the Book of Genesis)

Thanks to Mr. Trump, we start having clearer hints about the debate that has been going on since 1859 (Darwin “The Evolution of the Species”). Humans seem more and more to be an evoluted stage of the ape, even within the holy books we might find some recognition of this fact.

By reading the gospel too we might find support to a concept that seems opposed by some interpretation of the Bible. In Matthew 25:14-30 “The Parable of the Talents” we understand that the ones that receive more talents (i.e. reach a higher evolutionary stage for the purpose of this text) have the duty to use them to the benefit of the community.

The actions, the body language, many unhidden qualities of  the republican candidate urgently call for help from the ones that received more talents in a distribution that is never fair within our common way to measure it.


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