Stare Barke Piran 2016

Serenity, sailing under the colors of Tiliaventum (, opens the 2016 sail race season winning one of the most famous and welcoming wood boat races in the Northern Adriatic. The Italian crews started arriving to the Venetian town on Friday afternoon, others arrived on Saturday when the briefing to the captains was held as usual in a totally informal manner on the rocks protecting the little harbor. The sweet sound of the rules of the race (they have been declared as usual in a mixed Italian, Venetian, Croatian language) introduced even to the few newcomers the feeling of the place.

After the race the spectacular dinner on the docks, prepared by the local club, has been surpassed only by the grill hanging on the side a glorious Sciarelli present on this sea for many years now.

As by the strict rules, no crew member could touch water, the main fluids allowed were Prosecco, Malvasia Istriana, Refosco and Merlot, Lasko Pivo as usual played its part, some boats have been seen smuggling rakija after dinner.

On Sunday morning there will be the sail back to the ports of origin of the different boats, the challenge between two old ladies sailing back to the neighboring docks of the opponent yacht clubs in Trieste will be greeted on Sunday night by one more party to be celebrated in a restaurant we are not allowed to disclose (privacy).

See you next year, all the best to Serenity and everybody. Long life to Dolores!Serenity



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