Post Westfalian new World Order

BananasOlgettineartistic and historical (smaller scale) precedents


Donald Trump Sets Conditions for Defending NATO Allies Against Attack.

Behind Melania Trump’s Cribbed Lines, an Ex-Ballerina Who Loved Writing.


The world seems ready to fully abandon the consequences of the 1648 Peace of #Westfalia which for so long has “disturbed” the balances of power of the European countries and might have wanted to impose a useless logic to the world in the “few days” that followed. If somebody is astonished in assisting to the social experiments the west is deciding to undergo, then it might be time to wake up and adapt to this fast new pace.

Even for the ones that were not able to see or clearly understand, slowly but consistently everything starts to clear up (not only on one side of the Atlantic).

Democracy is designed like this: we are free to increase the size of the coming bill, this time its size might be out of imagination.

The first two lines are taken as they are from The New York Times, they inevitably remind recent real episodes and less recent New York art scene.



The t”royal” family


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