Surf art around “Us Open of #Surf” in Huntigton Beach – California

Approaching Southern California driving north to south is undoubtedly the best way to visit it. If you really want to enjoy the local flavor, the best is to reach its surf capital during the US Open of Surf.

The journey will take you through one of the most beautiful coast lines you can visit, with stop in unforgettable spots along the route (always remember not to fill up in the service stations around Big Sur if you want to avoid petrol prices higher than in Italy! Believe me, it is not an easy task! 6.50 per gallon in July!).

This year the big fire around Big Sur disturbed one stop (petrol prices unaffected), everything else as well as planned (one detail even better due to the discovery, for us, of the Montana de Oro National Park). Stop at the unforgettable Madonna Inn (if it has not happened yet, California should consider to include it in the list of national monuments) and an unexpectedly smooth drive south to Huntington Beach (Orange County) where the group arrived from Lake Taho (California), Milano (Italy), San Francisco (Italy), New York (New York).

Night out at the “bungalows” as guests of honor (no lines, no limit on drinks, real VIP). The unforgettable publicly recognized real mayor of Huntington Beach really opens any door locally.

Surf lessons for some, contemporary and less contemporary art exhibitions for others, music and aperitifs for all. Superlative grilling by Mark and new tastes in the Little Saigon close by.

Ready to be back to our duties filled up with new ideas. Hurry up to visit, it seems it will not take long to have a full service beach here too, nearly like the northern Adriatic shores on the Italian side (pensione Maria here is named Beach Motel, no family food but wonderful waves).

The images go from the traffic on the Golden Gate, a single board shaped and designed by the world best known surf artist Jeff “Doc” Lausch (the only one shaper and artist at the same time), to the back yard of a long time surfer, art inspired by the places, one of the favorite transportation tools for the short commutes and a reference to a light touch of nostalgia (sometimes life is made of “capricci” too).

Final signature by the State of California, reminding everyone about the birth defects, cancer and other hazards offered to anyone daring to enter its territory.



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