Hollywood Bowl Romanticism and Post-Modernism

Hollywood Bowl.jpg

A fully romantic evening is marking the end of our summer season in southern California. #Hollywood #Bowl offered a very pleasant night with the performance of the LA symphonic orchestra conducted by Nicholas McGegan and offering to the public some very appreciated pieces by Weber (overture to Oberon), Mozart (Piano Concerto nr. 20) and Schumann (Symphony nr.3). Garrick Ohlsson at the piano offered to the audience the Nocturne in F major by Chopin as a bis. Part of the public enjoyed the break with doughnuts and Sylvaner.

The culinary choice consistently prepares the guests to the event ready to come with the second part of the concert. The multi-faceted metaphor of the Rheinisch Symphony by Schumann, lets us dream of the walls of Köln Cathedral, drives us to the stage of this modern day Greek theatre gently laid on a Hollywood hill, where we feel the Greek attention to art and nature within a Steven Spielberg post-modernism. From Köln in the land that marks the juncture between the Slav and the western worlds, to Los Angeles, the frontier of the West, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, connection to the new world of East Asia.

Incredible acoustics for an open-air theatre within an urban agglomeration such Los Angeles, the strongest non-orchestral sound was sung by the crickets in the surrounding wood.


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