Dominance of Tools and Knowledge of Aims


Wealth distribution has been well studied. Some more focus has been recently added to the wealth distribution by age classes and the transmission through the classes.

We all come from a society that was passing the wealth and the rule of the family from father to son, and the assistance to the elderly was distributed among the sons and the grandsons.

Thanks to improvement in medicine, life expectancy at birth has been growing in most of the world, with it not only the expectancy, but also the real duration of life. Wealth wise we have seen a more and more frequent transmission of wealth from the grandparents to the grandchildren, skipping the parents. These parents that have been forgotten in this process are the ones that dramatically limited their fertility rates well below the replacement rate of the human population.

If we put together the two observed facts, a more concentrated wealth distribution across all age groups and an even more concentrated one in some age groups, and add to this the fast technological change we are observing (the traditional Uber car seems already on the way to change and become driverless, just to name a recent, popular example), we can foresee a capitalist world where production will request less and less labor contribution, freeing humanity from the slavery of labor. Profits will go to capital, labor will not be needed so much anymore, individuals will mostly not be paid.

This perspective depicts a imaginary evolution of a world where dominance of tools is perfect, knowledge of the aims is nil.


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