Politics and Markets

In Europe we have the feeling that the great sick actor, capable of ruining the party to all in the world is Italy. A country that has not been growing for ages now, with a too large public debt, defined as sustainable by some “poet” isolated from the real life of people with their feet on the ground, can be scary.

Let’s look somewhere else. Mr. Bush senior in 1992 was seen sick at the table with the Japanese Emperor (right after he won the first Gulf War), in 1960 Nixon was debating with Kennedy on TV and looking pale (if I am not wrong, he had just healed from a pneumonia), they both have not been elected then. Ms Clinton, after a mild stroke in 2012 (after Libia) is today suffering from a pneumonia.

Is Italy still the main worry of financial markets these days? Maybe yes, but for sure not alone any more.

Autumn is coming, here in the north east leaves are turning, but they are not on the ground yet.



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