Deutsche Bank and its new supporters in Germany


The idea of some German industrial companies to invest in newly issued shares of their most important banker, to help it out of the recent difficulties could be the unnecessary confirmation of a forgotten (very un-academic) stock exchange adagio “what the market gives, one day it will take”. In this case it could be the easy financing given to these customers today feeling obliged to support their feeding hand of the past.

Their investment will most likely be lost as it is well known that, in times of stress, only a clear and unlimited support by the central bank is capable of defeating the speculation.

German mittelstand pretends to live on a different planet when compared to the very recent experience of the Veneto Banca and Banca Popolare di Vicenza shareholders. Thai future could have already been seen, very recently.

One more common idiomatic expression (not a stock exchange one) says: “there is no worse deaf than the one who is not wanting to listen”.

Let’s toast with the appropriate wine



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