A modest proposal to end death in the Mediterranean

lakemichiganBoat transfer on Lake Michigan

The article just published by the New York Times, written by a professor of international law from an Indiana university, is suggesting to stop rescuing the immigrants in order to solve the problem faced by Europe today. The writer rightly tracks the increase in the human flood to the fall of Muammar el- Quaddafi, he invites Europe to “improve the conditions within the Libyan detention facilities”, to work to “ameliorate the distant crises that drive millions of people to flee their home in the first place, … The idea of the author is that these immigrants chose to sail to Europe because they know they will be rescued!

The reality is that nothing is going to stop humans from running away from famine and bombs (the bombs falling on these people’s villages are very rarely, or may be never, locally made), before the rescue operations today in place, people were already dying in those same waters (CNN was not there yet), these people are not coming because they see an easy lift there, they come anyway. The Mediterranean sea is not Lake Michigan, not only for its summer beauty, I might be older than the NY Times author, but on the Balkan shores (it seems the author should know them) people were just swimming away from unlivable conditions, with nothing more than their swimsuits (no rescue in sight then).


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