Hollande, a special president

He is facing elections in a few months. Normally the outgoing president enjoys a favourable condition when compared to opponents. He succeeded in innovating politics in a very silent way. If you compare him with Trump, Francois has been able to deeply innovate French politics by following a very discreet behavior. He has managed his sexual relations in a totally different and maybe more effective way (depending on the way you want to see them) to Mr Donald. In the Land of Simone de Bouvoir he succeeded in being the unpunished harraser, Donald has been deemed guilty for “facts” we don’t even know if happened in reality or just in his dreams. The approval rating of this president (in due respect to the French people, we need to use the small “p”) shows a 4% today! This too is innovation: we have no memory of any leader in history reaching this level. The news now is that, in order to consolidate the remarkable result, an impeachment is coming. Can Sarkozy do better? We might never know, he does not look like getting so much favour by his supporters.

In any case France looks like the European Union partner capable to express the next Continental leader. Collecting the ruins and fixing it again (without so much time).

A tender moment between our soft pudding and one of his recent flirts


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