Mr Merkel will run again, walking with Europe on the path she drew


Heads I win, tails you loose

She is running for the fourth time, she is already seen as the inevitable winner. The unwilling European leader will run again to rule what Europe (does she care)?

Media reported her criticism of Mr. Trump, her relation with Mr. Putin has been managed within the different shades of diplomacy, if elected, as The Economist seems to expect, she is the missing link between Trump and Putin (Mr. Putin is not openly confirming yet the friendly attitude of Mr. Trump).

There is only one too many “if”: at the moment she is the inevitable future Chancellor elected by the media and pollsters which were not so reliable in the Brexit and Trump events. Much more needs to happen before we know about Mrs. Merkel future, for sure one thing we start to understand, polls and high brow opinions are both as good as a coin toss.


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