Voting in Europe


The once very important empire of the east is joining Italy in an important vote during the coming week end. Immediately in line with the new etiquette imported for the west, the candidates concentrated their efforts in insulting each other, never discussing with any detail the political program they intend to offer to their citizens, only exaggerating the performances we have observed on the other side of the Atlantic by succeeding to be more childish (Mr. Trump will call me, not you was, maybe, the apex in the debate).

After this election, we might be offered the n-th chance to assist to one more debate on whether to stay or to leave the European Union. The first reaction might be of a general worry, the second one could be (language affinity) to look at it as a minor scale test of a bigger move north of the Alps. Will financial markets start to consider different speeds in Europe? where will the first real move happen?

While we wait, let’s keep enjoying the show offered to us by the preparations set by Ulrich and Diotima in their unforgettable Mittel – Europa.


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