January 20th, Saint Sebastian day. The new Diocletian crowning day


Saint Sebastian, French born but educated in Milan, enjoyed the vicinity to the emperor, who named him in important positions within the government burocracy.

Sebastiano immediately understood the real meaning of wealth, power, …: they were all signs from devil, he did not succumb to them. Sebastian would have abandoned everything, but realized that sticking to his material luck would have been a powerful tool to help the prosecuted.

Sebastiano’s behavior started to look suspicious to Diocletian who, in the end, decided to tie him to a pole and have archers kill him.

Today is the day when Mr. Donald, who decided to follow the same steps as the old martyr by keeping the wealth passed to him by his father, for the same reasons, will be crowned emperor on the throne of a modern Diocletian. In the streets people is getting ready to tie him to a metaphorical pole and throw a modern day version of the arrows we have seen in so many paintings.

Diocletian was born to a family of low status in the Roma province of Dalmatia, his modern successor too can claim a low status origin (at least within the local political environment), will he become a symbol of martyrdom in our age?

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