Civic resistance

Immigrato da paese sgradito e figlio di immigrati da paese “manipolatore”

When a wealthy businessman get to power (politically) citizens often get upset, parts of the population starts to discuss about the fairness of conditions enjoyed by the elected one vs the opponent. This situation has been true in different countries, today very evident in one whose society is mainly driven by a “faith” in what is declared to be the “free market”.

Analyzing the election’s results, it appears that the number of the supporters is lower than the opponents, it also appears that the supporters enjoy a higher average income than the opponents, if really the elected one is so upsetting, the address to the blog reported above can be of great help in pushing the unwelcome guy to consider citizens desires. Some early news already show some positive effects.

The financial world also is in the position to recover part of the ruined image: ethical investments should not forgive companies whose leaders support racism, limit religious freedom, … Cutting finance for good reasons helps too.


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