Star Alliance service today


Here above you can read the list of the names of all partners of Star Alliance, one of them is the one whose recent behavior is described in the short videos taped by passengers on board at the moment of the event (two of them here below).

Anyone using any of the airlines listed above could be exposed to a similar treatment, boycotting every one of these names until they decide to eliminate from the alliance the name of the “criminal” is a civic duty. We do not accept animals to be dealt with this way, it is time to stop repeating “oh, my God” and act.

Stop flying with all of these names until the guilty one is expelled, start also considering that just repeating “oh, my God” did not serve any good to the man that was beaten up.

Hoping not to see anything like this again, have a nice flight (there is plenty of other “alliances”).

The videos below might not be appropriate for some audience, but they retain their high educative content. These are behaviors that need never to be accepted anywhere.

I was a customer of Star Alliance, I will never be again until I see that name in the list.


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