Coast to Coast 2017 – Day Two (morning)

Place: Pittsburgh

Music: none

Casting: Daddy, Son, Mum (voice on the phone), The Bagel Factory Crew.

Not so easy to wake up for the youngest in the crew, but in the end success came, on the road again by 8h30 am, looking for the Pittsburgh Art Museum where we arrived one hour in advance to the opening time (even if the rush hour of the Pittsburgh University orientation day was really sizeable). Exploration of the surroundings started immediately with a stop at a local Coffee shop (“The Bagel Factory”) where daddy needed to satisfy his crave for the juicy, dark morning drink. Five employees behind the desk, three customers in the shop, all waiting for a service that was looking like not ready to come at all, the only impatient customer in the line, guess what, it was me! But I am learning, nobody else was acting like anything strange was happening, so I accepted that my morning coffee would have come.

Next we experience the flexibility of procedures in a local pharmacy, all of this has been enough to accomplish little, but to enter the Museum at the right time.

The visit to the Carnegie Museum of Art goes beyond all of our expectations, we immediately understand we need to skip anything looking like classic art and history, to explore just the rooms dedicated to the modern world, where the comparisons within ages are very well presented, with a high quality in the art from both the new and the old world. The initial collection and the Museum itself are the result of a donation to the citizens of Pittsburgh by Andrew Carnegie in 1895.

The attached photos show a sample of the art we had the time to enjoy, the logo of the Bagel Factory and a menu suggested for the week in the same coffee chain (our Mediterranean friends will notice the diet differences we are experiencing, with limited exposure) and a view of the University crowds.

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