Coast to Coast 2017 – Day Three

Place: from Cleveland to Chicago

Music: Carlos Santana (Black Magic Woman), Jethro Tull, Police, Cat Stevens, Hollies, Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven), Joe Walsh.

Casting: Daddy, Son, AirBNB Hosts (external Google programmer, his firend site designer and the girlfriend a traditional artist on canvas).

Early wake up and move immediately to the highway, no difficulty for Niky after his 12 hours non-stop sleep, normal for Luca. Really efficient driving, unassisted by Waze that did not spot the police twice. The first time the car was waiting for us with flashing lights on the side of the highway, but could not measure our speed, so it stuck to our back a while until bored of the game, the second one was an undercover one that was too optimistic too early, it started flashing its internal lights right when we were stuck in a slow-moving traffic, good for us today.

Arrived in the windy city early and driving along the lake shore (I still have to adapt to the feeling and stop thinking I am at the sea side). First impression very positive, the town feels very modern, much cleaner than the one we left, no smells, nice architecture. For sure to be suggested to the friends that have come to visit us in the big apple for design reasons.


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