Coast to Coast 2017 – On the Road

Between Chicago and Rapid City, we have seen the highest density of police officers patrolling the highways. It seems to us that the feeding of data into Waze past Chicago becomes poorer, but our luck has not abandoned us (we hope), so no speeding ticket has been issued to us (it is helping also the fact that the speed limiti in South Dakota is 80 miles/hour). We remarkably improved our capacity to feed and correct data in the Waze system, to the advantage of all other drivers, so much that Niki got a six points price by Waze organization. Some close encounters with bikers and trucks have happened, in the best tradition of the places, already majestically described by Steven Spielberg.

In the images you will find a reference to the past fire brigade service of one of the authors, the craving for corn in different forms, a close encounter with a might truck, a western village, one of the five stars luxury Trumpo International facilities we had the opportunity to use, the now famous logo of Arby’s (elected the best coffee place in the world) and some other symbols of daily life in the areas we have been visiting today.



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