Coast to Coast – Day Six (around Rapid City SD)

Music: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Mamas and Papas, L. Battisti (Un’avventura), Johnny Horton (The battle of New Orleans)

Casting: dad, son, local crowd, some bikers

We succeed in leaving our B&B by 9.00! Niki completed a miracle on holiday! We look immediately for an easy target, we aim at Mt. Rushmore first. We easily reach it in a very brief time (the distance from the B&B was about 30 miles or less), driving slowly in the middle of a thick bikers traffic.

The view of the monument can be best summarized in the very well-known exclamation of Paolo Villaggio in the movie “Fantozzi” at the end of the “Battleship Potemkin” by Sergei Eisenstein.

Because of the American version of what in Italy is named “manuale Cencelli”, next to mount Rushmore, one other mountain (Crazy Horse) is being digged to show the faces of the Indian tribes’ heads, today the result is not yet promising to be so different. The real beauty of the place is still nature, so unique to slow down our driving to the point to push some of innumerable bikers we met to invite us to accelerate. After these sights, we immediately head to the Devils Tower, driving along a very nice landscape and being really surprised by this natural formation.

During all of these visits, we noticed a bigger bikers’ presence, and also some uncommon signs around us, that were getting more evident along one of the highways we were driving on. One biker, particularly upset at our slow pace, involuntarily, gave us a hint we have not immediately understood: on the back of his Harley he carried a text saying “Sturgis”, we were not understanding the meaning of it, we asked one of my daughters to help in the translation, nothing came, our conclusion was that the name must have had a meaning for American or local bikers.


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