Coast to Coast 2017 – Day Six (Sturges)

Suddenly with flash our morning ignorance disappeared: Sturgis is the name of a village that is hosting an annual meeting of bikers since 1938. The village was on our way, but our car was signaling the need of maintenance and the car dealer in Rapid City was closing at 5 pm. We decided to give a quick look at the village, rush to the garage for maintenance and drive back for the evening.

We closed the day partying with locals (mostly bikers) in the Veterans Club of Sturgis.

The Riders party usually calls over 700.000 motor bikes lovers in the tiny town normally inhabited by 6.000 people, where not even one hotel exists. We have seen tents planted in gardens of houses, motor homes parked along the roads, during the next week end the best of the rally will happen, with lots of music, drinking and dancing in the streets. The usual rodeo will be performed in the appropriate area where the rodeo will also be performed using motor bikes.


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