Coast to Coast 2017 – Day Eight (dinner)

Dinner was excellent, T bone buffalo steak black and blue (we have been thought that we can also ask for the Pittsburgh Style, after the hot iron burning it on the sides to have it the way somebody likes it in Tuscany), as a side dish Niki decided for mac and cheese with lobster, wine was a Nebbiolo by Vietti 2013.

One problem we are facing now is internet. This is our first night booked out of the AirBNB network, we are in a traditional hotel in Jackson Hole. I had the illogical conviction that only in the most classical tourist traps in Europe service could fall so suddenly and unacceptably, no way, the world is a village, Jackson is part of it. If you are in an established environment (position rent in economics), you are no more the customer, you are just there to be milked as fast and as much as possible.


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