Coast to Coats 2017 – Day Tenth

(the wify line provided by our hotel in Jackson Hole is very limited, we will upload the images when we will move out of this place)

Jackson Hole, all day to ourselves, our plan is to visit of southern loop in Yellowstone but also to hike as much as our schedule allows us. We are the last to leave from the hotel, where we receive the suggestion to drive to the Teton Pass and leave the car there to start hiking, armed with a pressurized pepper gas tank in case we were meeting any bears.

In a short time, we arrive at destination, we find the beginning of a track and start climbing. Not too many hours later we are on the top of Mount Glory, somewhat tired but we did it. Niki seems to suffer maybe by the elevation, we start our way down and cross a family of ex new Yorkers, just back from Lucca in Tuscany and very fond of Val Badia, a short chat, and we head down while they keep moving up.

Our pic nick is on the pass, then we move to visit Teton Village and its surroundings: nature is always very nice here, the villages seem to be less impressive.

Our legs are calling for some rest, we are back to our hotel room in not too long, ready to explore the shopping side of the town (and look for a dinner that is not a steak).

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